02 Jun Should I consider Office Sharing?

Unfortunately, the following story plays out year after year.  It goes like this… Years ago, you decided it was time to bring an associate into your practice. You interviewed a number of candidates until you found the “ideal” associate for your practice. Of course, you didn’t...
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02 Jun Have you really planned for retirement?

I was speaking to a study club of dentists concerning their future plans and discovered that most were considering retirement within the next five to ten years. It was interesting to note that none of them had made any definitive plans for converting one of...
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02 Jun When is the right time to sell?

For most dentists, the sale of their practice is something they think will happen far off into the future when they are ready to quit and have plenty of money to retire. Most don’t spend any time thinking about, much less pre-planning, a practice sale....
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25 May Practice Merger FAQ

A practice merger is by far the most effective and quickest method of increasing dental practice profitability. A practice merger will add significant net income to the purchaser’s bottom line immediately… not the first year, but the first month! PARAGON consultants have completed numerous practice...
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25 May Practice Mergers

The continued growth of a solo practice is becoming more difficult every year. With increased competition, the influx of capitation programs, insurance clinics, advertising retail centers and an unpredictable economy, a general practitioner must be prepared to consider ways of expanding their patient base. Many...
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