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Dental Practice Mergers

Are you an established dentist looking for more quality patients? Dental Practice Mergers are the quickest way to grow your practice. That’s because mergers are typically very high-profit ventures in which the buyer reaps the financial benefits almost immediately. Not only that, but since dentists who are merging tend to be well-known and experienced, they often have an easier time obtaining financing than first-time buyers, which further simplifies the process.

PARAGON assists dentists all across the United States in low-hassle, conflict-free Dental Practice Mergers. Practice mergers can be structured with the seller working for the buyer full-time, the seller working for the buyer part-time or the seller retiring immediately and the buyer absorbing all the seller’s production. PARAGON customizes the structure of each practice merger we facilitate to meet the unique needs of the parties involved.

The most successful Dental Practice Mergers take each dentist into consideration, as well as their respective staff members and patients. PARAGON understands and is sensitive to the needs of the large group of stakeholders a merger brings together, and we have an excellent track record of successful mergers to show for it.

Should You Merge Your Dental Practice?

Because Practice Mergers can be such an advantageous way to grow your dental practice, PARAGON has compiled this helpful list of articles and videos to give you more information on this valuable opportunity.

Check out the links below to learn more, and as always, call your local PARAGON consultant at 1-866-898-1867 for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation for answers to your specific questions.

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To learn more about how your dental practice could benefit from a Practice Merger, call PARAGON at 1-866-898-1867 for a complimentary consultation with your local PARAGON consultant.

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The Magic of Mergers

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