17 Jun The Search for the Holy Grail of Dentistry

This year another set of fresh faces will obtain diplomas certifying them qualified and competent to practice dentistry. To this new phase of their journey they bring energy and enthusiasm, hopes and dreams. Most have high expectations of earning substantial incomes, working four day weeks,...
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17 Jun Question and Answer for the New Dentist

Even though you will ultimately rely on your own judgment to make career decisions, virtually everyone wants to be as well informed as possible before making a major decision. There are numerous sources (including PARAGON) that a dentist can turn to for such information, advice...
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17 Jun Practice Merger Benefits

A practice merger occurs when an existing practice owner acquires another practice  in their immediate market area and "merges" the two practices together to form a larger, more profitable, single practice. Contrary to what some believe, a practice merger does not create a co-ownership practice...
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17 Jun The Fear of Ownership

WHY? This is the question we ask young dentists who do not own their own dental practices. The responses vary somewhat, but with a little probing we discover that the reason virtually all of them don’t own a practice is simply because of a FEAR...
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17 Jun Six-figure incomes require debt

According to an old adage, "There are two ways to get rich in this world, either be born rich or marry rich". If you are already rich you don't need to read this article, but if you count yourself among the less fortunate millions (that...
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