02 Jun I’m not ready for retirement. Can I sell now and keep working?


The PARAGON PreSale Program was primarily developed for the practitioner who is considering retirement within the next five to ten years. The PreSale Program makes it possible for a doctor to sell his or her practice NOW and continue to practice as an “associate” for the buyer until the selling doctor decides he or she is ready to retire.

Prior to the PreSale Program, selling your practice meant retirement. Some knew their practice value was declining each year but they were either not ready or could not afford to stop practicing yet so they delayed selling. With the PreSale, selling years in advance of retirement provides a much better exit strategy. The PreSale eliminates the stress of running a practice as well as eliminates office overhead responsibility. In addition, selling early converts your practice value into an interest-earning asset today, thus protecting against any loss of practice value that could occur in the future.

The PreSale Program creates Freedom, Security and Opportunity! Freedom from the stress of running a practice… Security from your practice value diminishing due to factors beyond your control… and the Opportunity to select WHO to treat, WHAT procedures to do, and WHEN to practice! The PreSale truly is “having your cake and eating it too!”

Over the years, many doctors have seen their colleagues approach retirement with feelings of apprehension rather than accomplishment. There is a fear that soon after retirement comes death. As a result, many practitioners delay retirement and practice until they either die or become disabled.

If anything, the decision to continue practicing and subjecting oneself to the stress and pressures of practice ownership hastens, not delays, life’s inevitable conclusion. Instead of retiring as early as possible and enjoying more life-prolonging years of rest and relaxation, travel, pursuit of hobbies and even new careers… many practitioners feel compelled to allow death or disability to become their exit strategy.

The PreSale Program offers the opportunity to experience life and enjoy many years of reaping the benefits of a long career in dentistry. Your colleagues will view you as lucky and very fortunate to get out while you can still enjoy your life!

The PreSale Program is indeed the “Ultimate Seller Program!”


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