04 May Timing is Everything!

It is not uncommon for PARAGON to receive phone calls from doctors asking us to find a buyer and have a deal closed within the next 30 to 60 days. When we talk with many of these doctors, we find out that they have been...
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20 Jun The Fact Gathering Process

Once a seller has decided that it is probably time for a practice transition, the next step is the time consuming fact gathering process. If we could provide a seller with practical and realistic transition options without knowing all the facts, we would be happy...
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20 Jun Let’s Get Acquainted First

Dr. Sellerdoc was a 51-year-old dentist who wanted to sell his practice and continue to work for the purchaser for a period of nine years after the sale, and then retire. Dr. Buyerdoc was a young dentist who wanted to buy a practice. He was introduced...
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20 Jun Preparing for a Practice Sale

There are certain things a seller should and should not do in preparing for the sale of a dental practice. We will address several important considerations in this article for your review and convenience. Please do not hesitate to call your PARAGON consultant if you...
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20 Jun The Diminishing Practice Value

For the past two decades, we have definitely been in a “seller’s market.” Dental practice market values, as a percentage of gross revenues, has been at all time highs the last 5 years or so. However, the next decade is projected to see a significant...
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20 Jun The PreSale Program

The PARAGON PreSale Program was primarily developed for the practitioner who is considering retirement within the next five to ten years. The PreSale Program makes it possible for a doctor to sell his or her practice NOW and continue to practice as an “associate” for...
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