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The Presale Program

Have your cake and eat it, too (just don’t forget to floss!)

Not ready to retire? If you see many years of practicing dentistry in your future, the PARAGON Presale Program could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

PARAGON developed the Presale Program (think “Pre-Retirement” sale) for dentists considering retirement in the next five to ten years, though some dentists choose Presale as early as 15 years in advance. It’s easy to see why.

The Presale Program creates a path to freedom, security and opportunity:

  • Freedom from the day-to-day stress of running a practice
  • Security against your practice value diminishing after your productivity peaks
  • The opportunity to select WHO to treat, WHAT procedures to do, and WHEN to practice

Why selling your practice does not mean retirement

Prior to the Presale Program, selling your practice meant retirement. Many dentists nearing the end of their careers begin cutting back their hours and seeing fewer patients. They realize this will cause their practice value to decline, but they are either not ready to retire, or can’t afford to stop practicing, so they delay selling. By the time they are finally ready to sell, their practices are performing well below peak market value, and they take a major loss. If only they had sold their practice earlier, their financial picture would look much brighter.

PARAGON designed the Presale Program to solve this problem. Selling your dental practice years in advance of retirement provides a much better exit strategy.

In the Presale Program, you can convert your current practice equity into a cash investment you can use today — and keep working as long as you choose as an “associate” for the buyer who purchases your practice.

In addition, by selling early you get to sell your practice at peak market value and protect your equity against any decline in practice value that could occur in the future as you reduce your hours. In the meantime, you are free from the day-to-day stress of running a practice, free from the responsibility of overhead expenses, and free to treat the patients you want, during the hours you decide to work.

The Presale Program offers a well-deserved opportunity to experience life and enjoy many years of reaping the benefits of your successful career in dentistry. Your colleagues will view you as lucky and very fortunate to transition out of practice early enough to enjoy many more life-prolonging years of rest and relaxation, travel, family time, and who knows — maybe a new career.

It’s really all in the timing. If you would like to learn more about the Presale Program and pinpoint the most profitable time to consider selling your practice, talk to your PARAGON consultant today.

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