why sell and buy dental practice with Paragon

Our History

PARAGON is one of the oldest and fastest growing dental consulting firms in the industry.

Officially founded in 2001 by Ed Woods, the core group of PARAGON’s transition consultants has worked together assisting dentists with buying, selling, merging and consolidating professional practices since 1988.

Ed Woods has earned significant experience in dental practice transition on a regional and national scale. During his career, Ed has served as a transition consultant in the Mid-South, working with dental clients primarily in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and western Tennessee. Ed was also quite instrumental in developing an 18-state marketing network in the mid-’90s, providing him with invaluable expansion experience.

Driven by his deeply held belief that dentists in all parts of the country deserve the opportunity to have a fair and equitable transition experience, Ed founded PARAGON on the business philosophy of “equitable transactions through Dual Representation.”

Dual Representation by Our Dental Transition Consultants

Today, PARAGON employs 40 dental transition consultants who guide dentists through the process of buying and selling practices all across the nation. PARAGON’s approach of Dual Representation — representing both the buyer and the seller so that both parties’ needs and goals can be considered together and matched with the best opportunities — has enabled our consultants to develop a tremendous reputation for fairness, professionalism and positive financial results for our clients.

Throughout our entire history in the dental transition business, PARAGON’s success rate is unheard of in the industry: Over 95% of transactions close after our consultants find a viable match.

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