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Now that you’re thinking of selling your dental practice — or merging, or becoming an associate, or simply exploring your best options — how do you get started? That’s the easy part!

What To Expect

If you’re thinking of giving us a call, here’s what to expect from our people and our process.

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We won't try to "sell" you on selling your practice.

Your PARAGON consultant will be respectful of your time. They’re honest, well-informed and easy to talk to — but never pushy. The way we see it, for a transition to work well, you have to want it at least as much as we want it for you. The practice transition options we present should feel like incredible opportunities for your future. Opportunities that give you a sense of confidence and relief. Once you choose a transition plan, and give us the go ahead, your PARAGON consultant will carefully guide you through it. But we will never pressure you to make a decision you aren’t sure about.

We'll answer your questions very thoroughly.

The typical consultation spans from 1 to 2 hours and is frequently conducted in either your office or your home. First, your highly trained and knowledgeable PARAGON consultant will answer your questions and outline the steps of a successful dental practice transition. Next, he or she will fully explain the PARAGON dental transition programs, and how our dual representation approach will ensure a fair and equitable transaction for all parties.  You and your consultant will also explore your personal and professional aspirations and examine how a PARAGON program may fit into your future plans.

We'll give you a peek inside our process.

During your consultation, your PARAGON consultant will take you through a sample version of two documents that are central to our process: our Financial Analysis Report and our Dental Practice Profile. Our extremely comprehensive Financial Analysis Report is key to PARAGON’s success in finding a suitable purchaser who is ready, willing and able to pay fair market value for your practice without any negotiation of the price or the terms of the sale. Likewise, our Dental Practice Profile allows PARAGON to analyze your practice opportunity from a potential purchaser’s perspective.

We only get paid when your sale closes.

PARAGON gets paid to represent both parties, the buyer and the seller, and we ONLY get paid after we assist you in closing your transaction. We truly have a vested interest in the success of both sides.

When we say there's no obligation, we mean it.

That’s the beauty of working with people who mean what they say! There’s really no reason not to take advantage of your complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose, and plenty to learn.

There are other ways to sell your practice. This is the smart way.

With PARAGON, you skip the stress of adversarial negotiations and the emotional rollercoaster of volatile deals that fall apart at the last minute. Your practice represents a lifetime of value you have worked to build over your entire career. We believe you deserve a purchaser who shares your values, recognizes your legacy and wants to pay a fair price for the practice you have built. Enter your next phase of life with a smile.

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