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Selling Your Dental Practice.

Did you know only 5% of dentists will comfortably retire by age 65? Do you want to be one of them? Whether retirement is one month or ten years down the road, what you do today is what really counts. PARAGON can help you plan a dental practice transition that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, improve your quality of life and allow you to retire years earlier, so you can greet your future with a smile.

As a dentist, you have two options when it comes to planning for your future: Do nothing and hope that you will be one of the 5% of dentists able to retire at age 65, or take the steps to ensure you will be — by planning your dental practice transition now.

The best part of success is the opportunity to enjoy it. If you have a dental practice, a transition plan is the key to your economic freedom and the future you envision. It’s time to discover what many of your colleagues are already talking about.

Doing nothing may seem easy, but can you really afford it? When it comes to getting the peak value of the practice you have worked so hard to build, timing is everything. Waiting too long to sell has cost many dentists hundreds of thousands of dollars (and a few years off their retirement).

PARAGON’s Dental Practice Transition Programs make it possible to leave your practice in the hands of a compatible buyer who will pay a fair price with no negotiations and minimal hassle. Our experience with thousands of completed transitions means we can customize a transition just for you.

We have a buyer interested in acquiring a practice in your area.

If you are considering selling your dental practice, talking with PARAGON is a wise and informative first step. The PARAGON consultant in your area will answer questions and take you through your options. It’s free and there’s no obligation, just an extremely worthwhile education. Here’s what to expect:

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Get your free consultation.

Call PARAGON at Tel:1-866-898-1867 to schedule a complimentary consultation with your local PARAGON consultant.

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Why Sell My Dental Practice?

Top 5 reasons to sell your dental practice.
  1. You are ready to enjoy life after dentistry.
  2. You have no immediate plans to quit practicing and need to maintain your current income from dentistry.
  3. You wish to be able to take quality time off from your practice without worrying about the overhead.
  4. You would like to convert the equity tied up in your dental practice into an interest-bearing cash investment, but you still want to maintain control over your practice and your future.
  5. You wish to relieve yourself of the total burden of financial and emotional responsibilities associated with owning a practice.
What are my options for selling my dental practice?

Do you wish you could sell your dental practice today and simply walk away? PARAGON’s Walkaway Program is your ticket to freedom. Do you want to sell today but continue to practice dentistry until you choose to retire, free from the burdens of running a practice? Our Presale Program gives forward-thinking sellers the flexibility and financial benefits they dream of.


Check out PARAGON’s Dental Practice Transition Programs page to learn more about these options and many others.


Dental Practice Transition Programs Page

Give yourself a well-deserved head start.

The PARAGON Presale Program Is Waiting For You

If you’re nowhere near ready to retire, PARAGON’s Presale Program allows you to sell your practice at peak value and continue working as long as you want.


Selling in advance of retirement:


  • Eliminates the day-to-day stress of running a practice.
  • Eliminates responsibility of overhead expenses.
  • Gives you the freedom for vacations, family, and leisure.
  • Ensures your patients will be taken care of after you retire.
  • Protects the value of your practice from declining.

Learn more about PARAGON’s Presale Program here

Timing is everything. Are you ready?

Even if retirement is in the distant future, the timing and structure of your practice transition is critical to achieving your professional, financial and personal goals.


Read this article to see how well your current situation supports your future goals.


Have you really planned for retirement?

What is my practice really worth?

This is a crucial question for every dentist to ask. Who you turn to for the answer is just as important. Read this article to learn about factors that impact the value of your dental practice, and how to avoid leaving money on the table — or missing out on a sale — by over- or under- valuing your practice.


Assessing Your Practice Value

More smart questions on selling your dental practice.

If you’re thinking of selling, merging, bringing on an associate or taking an associate position, PARAGON wants you to be well informed before you make this major career decision. We’ve compiled this extensive library of articles, videos and links to help you explore your options.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the PARAGON transition consultant in your area for a free, no obligation consultation, at 1-866-898-1867. That’s what we’re here for.


Dental Practice Selling FAQ


Discover what many of your colleagues are already talking about in our 43-page Sellers’ Guide. You’ll learn important facts every dentist should know about how to be one of the 5% of dentists who can retire comfortably by age 65.

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