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A dental practice is a unique business.

Its success is a direct reflection and extension of the personality, philosophy and methodology of the owner-dentist. Locating the right personality, qualified both clinically and financially to either replace or work with the current owner-dentist, requires a special understanding and sensitivity to the distinctive needs of the profession.

Your future deserves our trusted expertise.

In the past, dentists and other healthcare professionals had no one to turn to with the true expertise needed to accurately and honestly advise them on selling their practice. Advisors like attorneys, accountants and business brokers rarely have experience in selling or buying a dental practice. Why does that matter? Well, studies show that when dental practices are listed by representatives who don’t have dental-industry expertise, these transactions will close just 50% of the time. Compare that with PARAGON’s success rate. Transactions led by PARAGON close 95% of the time. Our dental industry expertise, straightforward practice transition programs and commitment to dual-representation make all the difference. The proof is in the numbers.

Your patients deserve your full attention.

With time, you could learn the intricacies associated with buying or selling a practice, merging with another practice, bringing on an associate or accepting an associate position. But to do so would take valuable time away from caring for your patients. Too often, dentists who are lucky enough to find a potential purchaser for their practice generally do not know what steps to take to get the transaction closed. That’s why 80% of dental practices for sale by owner will never make it to closing. Meanwhile, dentists who seek to bring in an associate either fail to write a contract, or negotiate a lopsided contract that favors one party over the other, eventually creating a rift. With PARAGON’s decades of experience, you can avoid common mistakes and keep your focus where it belongs — with your patients.

You can talk with us for free. There’s no obligation.

If you are considering selling, buying, merging, bringing on an associate or accepting an associate position, you owe it to yourself to call PARAGON today for a complimentary consultation. No obligation, just an extremely worthwhile conversation.

We’ve led thousands of successful transitions.

PARAGON identified this market need years ago and developed the unique concepts, programs and skills necessary to effectively complete a successful practice transition. Since 1988, PARAGON’s core consultant group has facilitated thousands of dental transitions all across the country. One of those consultants, Ed Woods, went on to found PARAGON in 2001 on his deeply held philosophy of “Equitable Transactions through Dual Representation.”

Dual Representation means everybody wins.

PARAGON’s unique Dual Representation approach has earned our highly trained and experienced transition consultants a tremendous reputation for professionalism, fairness and extremely positive financial results for both buyers and sellers. As we already mentioned, PARAGON’s successful closing rate is so high (95%) it’s unheard of in the industry.

We only get paid when your transaction closes.

History shows that without the guidance of a dental practice transition expert, such as PARAGON, only 50% of transactions will ever reach closing. Calling PARAGON is a wise way to boost your odds of closing on terms you feel good about. We make sure the interests of both buyer and seller are met with integrity. And we ONLY get paid when your transaction closes. That’s how serious we are about your success.

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Call us now, for free.

Are you considering selling, buying, merging, bringing on an associate or accepting an associate position? If so, set yourself up for a successful transition. Call PARAGON today for a complimentary consultation. You have plenty to learn, and nothing to lose.

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