01 Nov Losing Everything

The following is a true story… Dr. A just had his fifth consecutive year of increased practice growth. In fact, he has averaged 36% growth in each of the past 2 years and 31% growth the year before that. Of course, he still must work 6...
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20 Jun The Progressive Ownership Program

The PARAGON Progressive Ownership Program (“POP”) was designed to provide a logical means for a new dentist (typically a new graduate but POP is also a viable solution for more experienced dentists as well) to gradually enter into an equal co- ownership relationship with an...
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20 Jun Office Sharing: Practice Equity Suicide

Most of you realize that dentists encounter numerous options as they progress through the dental career. However, many may not know that there are certain common career choices that can be extremely detrimental to practice equity. Many decisions are made based on what is happening...
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20 Jun Selling Your Practice to a Relative

Although it is still rather common for a family-owned practice to simply change hands without a sale occurring, you may be surprised to know that PARAGON is often asked to assist in the formal sale of a practice to a close relative. Taking into consideration...
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20 Jun Reversing Your Profit Trend

The typical general dentistry practice in today’s economic environment has a 60% overhead leaving 40% of the practice collected production to filter down to the owner/doctor. However, some practitioners have discovered how to reverse this profit trend and are actually netting the 60% portion that...
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