17 Jun Debt is not always bad

In a perfect world we would all be completely debt free. There are a fortunate few who posses enough wealth money to go through life totally free of debt. And, then there are the rest of us who face debt as a fact of everyday...
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17 Jun The Correct Decision

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how important initial decisions can be on your entire career. Decisions you make now do have a major impact on your overall financial situation. We understand that many young doctors are not concerned about saving for retirement...
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25 May Practice Merger FAQ

A practice merger is by far the most effective and quickest method of increasing dental practice profitability. A practice merger will add significant net income to the purchaser’s bottom line immediately… not the first year, but the first month! PARAGON consultants have completed numerous practice...
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25 May Practice Mergers

The continued growth of a solo practice is becoming more difficult every year. With increased competition, the influx of capitation programs, insurance clinics, advertising retail centers and an unpredictable economy, a general practitioner must be prepared to consider ways of expanding their patient base. Many...
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25 May What is the “Bloody Nose” of Dentistry?

Having completed thousands of successful dental practice acquisitions with young practitioners and talked with thousands of dental students through the years, we have amassed a wealth of both interesting stories and fascinating facts. Even though the acquisition of a dental practice is proven to position the...
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25 May Brokers vs. Consultants?

A dental practice is an exceptionally unique business. It is a direct reflection and extension of the personality, philosophy, and methodology of the practice ownerpractitioner. Matching the right parties clinically, compatibility and financially requires an extraordinary understanding and sensitivity to the needs of the profession....
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25 May What is Associate Earned Equity?

It is very common for a young, inexperienced dentist to begin his or her dental career as an associate for an established practitioner. Such relationships have been the norm in the dental profession for decades and are generally entered into with the thought that the...
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25 May GPR or PPS?

Congratulations, you made it! You are now officially a DDS or a DMD. You graduated from dental school after many years of hard work and extremely focused dedication. But, now you must make some career decisions that may affect you for the rest of your...
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