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Transition Options in Our Current Environment

Webinar Date: 02/18/2021
Time: 02/18/2021

Time: 7:00 PM EST

Course Description: Whether you are building your practice, maintaining it or your practice is in the decline phase, this transition webinar presentation will answer many of your questions and is directed towards an older dental professional nearing the end of their career. Do you ever wonder how a dental practice is valued in today’s rapidly changing market? Do you know how to avoid many costly pitfalls when the time comes to transition out of your own dental practice? Are you preparing for retirement now and have questions about how to maximize your life long efforts? Dr. Feredjian will make clear the answers to these and many more pertinent questions in this webinar presentation. You will learn today, what you will need to know tomorrow in order to gain an advantage and perspective of what dentists should and should not do, when it comes time for some type of current or future practice transition.

Course Objectives: Learn how to make critical and calculated decisions about the future of your dental office, while learning about a variety of transition options and exit strategies. Determine which transition plan might be best for your unique situation and how to avoid the most common mistakes dentist make. Learn the pros and cons of hiring an associate and how these relationships may or may not be the best option for your practice and it value at any stage of your dental career. Gain the knowledge to protect you, your family, your staff and patients as this presentation guides you successfully through the complicated transition process.

Questions to Consider:

#1- What is my practice worth today?

#2- What is the methodology used to establish a fair market value for my practice?

#3- Will my practice value be impacted by COVID-19?

#4- What type of transition model best suits my situation?

#5- What common mistakes do most dentists make with their own practice transition?

#7- What are the pitfalls of me handling my own transition?

#8- Will I be required to offer seller financing to sell my practice?

#9- Should I insist the sale of my real estate coincide with my practice transition?

#10- What happens to my practice if I die or become disabled?

#11- What is the impact of DSOs on the sale of my practice?

About the Speaker:  Dr. Berdj Feredjian, DDS, FAGD, is the Director of Continuing Education, Recruitment and Advanced Training and a past transition consultant for PARAGON Dental Practice Transitions.  During that period, he transitioned dozens of practices from which he accumulated a treasure trove of experiences.  Dr. Feredjian is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dental Medicine at a leading university in New York City and has served as faculty in their Department of Behavioral Sciences.  Dr. Feredjian is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and a member of the ADA.  He is a general dentist and was in private practice in Montville, NJ prior to his retirement.


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